Zero Waste

Zero Waste ambition, with a realistic approach.

Reminder :

Zero Waste is not about perfection, in fact “low-waste” is probably a better name for it.

Sustainability is about what can be sustained long term. Buying plastic some of the time, if that is what is sustainable for you, for whatever reason, go for it, and do it guilt free. Give yourself kindness, and aim to make some swaps in the future.

Zero Waste Tips :

Take Away Coffee

Finding the right cup is key. Is plastic safe or even yummy to drink from?

Produce Loose as a Goose

What if we stopped using bags all together?

Reusable Water Bottles

What is the right bottle for you? Find out why chemicals like: BPA, BPS, and BPF are harmful. Plus, find out which is healthier, stainless steel bottles or aluminium bottles.


I try to be as transparent as possible with the Zero Waste products I recommend. I make it clear if I have or have not used a product and I do my best to credit information and sources. However, if I have missed anything in terms of sourcing, please get in touch. I want to make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve.

Additionally, I try to highlight my short-comings often. I am not perfect, because I am constantly growing. This goes for you too, so treat yourself with kindness on your journey, nobody is doing everything right.

Share your story.


Lead by example.

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